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Me in a nutshell: I'm a loving wife and stay at home mommy to a beautiful 3 yr old. At my best I'm creative, light-hearted, sassy, honest, witty and I have a natural love for people and an amazing zest for life, did I mention that I'm probably the best person to have on a girls night out. At my worst I'm sharp tongued, brutally honest, introverted, intolerant and slightly dismissive but it's few and far between that my alter ego ever rears her ugly head.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Self inflicted quarantine

I know everyone is tired of hearing about the Piggy Flu (or H1N1 as they're affectionately calling it now) but as tired as I am of hearing about it I find my self wasting precious memory space on my TiVo to record every single nugget of info that floats thru the airwaves! It's driving me crazy, literally... I spent all day talking myself out, then in and then out of taking my son to McDonalds for lunch. I reeeaaallly needed to get out of the house but more than that, I really needed for him to get out of the house! It's been days since we've had an outing. As soon as I heard how schools in surrounding counties were closing and that sporting events were being canceled something in my brain clicked and I started behaving like the plague had struck and that my next step was to stock up on vaccines from the black market. But anyway, I decided that I didn't want to risk my son's life by feeding him a chicken McNugget happymeal or allowing him to play in a contaminated play place no matter how bored he was. I called a friend to vent and for some reason she thought I was crazy...okay so maybe it's not that bad and it is indeed safe to leave the house but other than a stomach virus and pregnancy, I've had no other major illnesses so excuse me if I'm a little scared (or extremely paranoid). I just want this all to end so I can put away "psycho mom" and go back to normal.